Ziva Postec was born in Tel Aviv.

After graduating from high school, she served in the IDF. At the end of her service, an unplanned visit to 'Geva' company in Givataim, exposed her to film editing and she decided it would be her profession.

After a year and a half as an assistant editor, she moved to Paris. The first film she worked on was a remake of Jacques Tati's "Jour de Fête". This was the first step of a 25 year long cinematic career as a film editor in France During which she worked with some of the most important directors of their time.

With Alain Resnais in “The War is Over” and “I Love You, I Love You”)
With Orson Wells in "Immortal Story”
With Yves Robert in “Return of the Blond With The Black Shoe”
With Jean Paul Rapenneau in “The Savage”
With Ariane Menouchkine in “Moliere”
With Michel Mitrani in “Les Guichet du Louvre”
With Claud Lanzmann in “Why Israel” and "Shoah"
And many others.

She reached her career highest point as an editor while working on “Shoah” between 1979-1985.

A year after finishing her work on "Shoah", Ziva moved back to Israel, and started directing documentary films.

Received a diploma from the French Central National of Cinematic Art Cinématographique (CNC).

  • 1974 – 1979 Taught film-editing at the Institute of Cinema Studies in Paris (I.D.H.E.C.).
  • 1986 - 1988 Taught film-editing at Beit-Zvi Institute of Cinema and Theatre in Israel.
  • 1986 -2000 Taught film-editing at the Department of Cinema at Tel Aviv University.
  • 2001- 2003 Taught film-editing at Sam Spiegel Film & Television school in Jerusalem.
  • 2005- 2009 Teaching film-editing and direction at Ma'aleh school in Jerusalem.

July 1988 - Member of the jury at Jerusalem International Film Festival.

April 2000 - Foreman of the jury at “Doc Aviv” Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival de in Israel.

June 2002 - Member of the jury at Marseille International Documentary films Festival, France.