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M.G.Rehearsals for Departure

"Not what we have been waiting for"

by Ruthi Director,
'ha'Ir' Magazine, May, 1997.

The association of Ziva Postec, much-acclaimed nditor of Lanzmannג€™s ג€œShoahג€, and the charismatic Moshe Gershuni, raises high hopes for The art film we have all been waiting ...

"Gershuni, Postec: this film is for everyone"

by Adam Baruch,
The Israeli Magazin "SHISHI" ("Friday"), June 1997.

Ziva Postec's film on Moshe Gershuni, shown on Israeli Channel 8, clearly proves that there is greatness in Israeli painting; greatness that, coming from its small place (Israel) and time of origin (the nineties), addresses all places and all times ...

"The Kid Is 60"

Ma'arive, Israeli Newspaper, May, 1997.

Moshe Gershuni is 60. This definitely calls for a summing-up, maybe even for a rehearsal for departure. Ziva Postec chose to edit her film on Gershuni, a leading Israeli painter ...

"The Rents Remains Visible"

By Shani Litmann,
"Ha'aretz" Newspaper, May 1997.

"This film is an invented biography", says Ziva Pstec, referring to her film on Israeli artist Moshe Gershuni. The enigmatic sides in the artist's personality are maintained in the film, as are the extreme authenticity and lack of falseness that so characterize Gershuni's life and personality ...


"Unmasked: A documentary uncovers the lives of mentally handicapped adults"

by Dana Zimerman, "Haaretz" newspaper, October 1998.

The film focuses on several students from the hostel and describes their daily lives - waking up, eating meals and other activities un til retiring at night. The film's name refers to the cinematic connotation of 'stars' ...

M.G.Rehearsals for Departure
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