Review: M.G Rehearsals For Departure

'The Kid Is 60'

Ma'arive, Israeli Newspaper, May 1997.

Moshe Gershuni is 60. This definitely calls for a summing-up, maybe even for a rehearsal for departure.

Ziva Postec chose to edit her film on Gershuni, a leading Israeli painter, so that close ups on Gershuni's works are indistinguishable from close ups of the artist himself.

Everything is so designed as to generate a sort of chaos, and then project from that chaos onto Gershuni's life. In the film, Gershuni features in a one-man show on himself, and grapples with the question of memory and oblivion, a theme that has always accompanied him. Oblivion is not the absence of memory but a disturbing presence of something indescribable. To convey this feeling Postec uses Gershuni's works as flashbacks, and repeats the same scenes in different variations. Music – Gershuni's great love – is not absent either; and this time, again, he sings (and, for that matter, does it quite well).

Produced by The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema &Television and Noga Tikshoret, the film will be shown at the cinematheque.

M.G.Rehearsals for Departure
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Shoah (Editor)