Israel, 1998, Documentary, 100 min.


The story is about a group of mentally retarded people in a shelter in Israel. It has a personal and intimate approach, reflecting the deep involvement of the movie team with the inmates.

The long and intriguing experience started with instinctive rejection (by the team), gradually replaced by sympathy and involvement with the inhabitants, surfacing wide variety of intensive feelings: sorrow, pain, jealousy, love and joy.

The film accompanies several figures, concentrates on their daily routine, focusing on small details, thus enables them to "Grow" to their full volume.

Retarded are unable to build defenses and tend to expose their innermost feeling. Thus becoming the mirrors of our inner souls. That perhaps is the main reason for our initial rejection, namely, a fear of identifying ourselves in them. "Now we are all stars in a movie" said one of them "We are going to be seen by the whole world on television"

Last filming day. Parting is difficult. The magic is fading away. The "stars" are back to their routine lives and the movie team leaves, changed, fuller than before.

Festivals and Awards

  • First price in the documentary section, International film Festival in Haifa, Israel, October 1998 .
  • Festival "Cinema Du Réel" in Paris Center Georges Pompidou, Mars 1999.
  • First price for Best documentary film and best director in the International Documentary Films Festival in Tel Aviv "Doc Aviv", April 1999.
  • "Gold Plaque" in INTERCOM, The International Communications Film & Video Competition "Art/Humanities", in Chicago, Illinois, July 1999.
  • Honorable Mention in Verona, San Gio' Italy at The International Video Film, July 1999.
  • 6th Mumbai International Film Festival, India, February 2000.

M.G.Rehearsals for Departure
To Be An Isreali Woman
To Banish The Darkness
Shoah (Editor)

Produced By

Lora Productions


Ziva Postec

Executive Producer

Shelly Sadot

Directed By

Ziva Postec


Yair Elazar


Oded Kimhi
Alain Sicsu


Yoav Shamir
Amir Buberman


Felix Mendelhson,
Fragment of the Quartet N0.1 OP.44

Supported By

The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema & Television
Keshet Foundation Channel 2
The Rabinowitch Foundation
The Doron Foundation (Switzerland)
Shalem Foundation
Levtzeler Shelter Friends
Jerusalem Municipality Art Section