M.G.Rehearsals for Departure

Israel, 1997, Documentary, 88 mins.


A beautifully shot dramatic documentary in which the artiste is not only questioned as an object but actively participates. The painter Moshe Gershuni, is one of Israel's most important and internationally acclaimed artists. He reveals in the film his most intimate life motives.

Gershuni is a "total" artist, and a religious one in the sense that there is no distinction between his life and his art (his faith). The problems he grapples with in his daily life are the same as those that concern him in his work.


Gershuni represents the Jewish-Israeli experience in all it's diversity: Yiddish & Hebrew, Holocaust & Zionism, a romantic longing for western culture and a "Native" Israeli world. All these motives blend into an immense experience of authentic emotional tensions and conflicts.

The film it self is a preparation for a parting, a summing up of a life, crammed into a few days and through the prism of the artist's works.

Festivals & Awards

  • "Honorary Mention" Jerusalem International Film Festival 1997
  • FIFAP (Festival International Du Film d'Art et Pédagogique (In Paris, House of UNESCO, December 98 .
  • The 1st International Forum for a Culture of Peace by Mediterranean Women Creators in Rhodes Greece, September 2000.

M.G.Rehearsals for Departure
To Be An Isreali Woman
To Banish The Darkness
Shoah (Editor)

Produced By

J.C.S. Productions
Lora Productions


Avi Armoza

Written & Directed By

Ziva Postec


Hila Aramati


Valentine Bolynogov
Oded Kimhi


Nir Avital
Meir Alfasi


Moshe Gershuni
Aram Gershuni
Uri Gershuni
David Daor
Dov and Genia Feigin
Micha Ulmann
Yosi Mar-Haim
Naomi Giveon
Ahmed Mahagena
The Inhabitants of Levtzler Shelter


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Variations for piano and violon k.360 “I was left by my lover”

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"Jewish folksong op. 79"
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Quratet No. D.810 “ The Maiden and the Death”

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Supported by

The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema & Television
The Ministry of Education and Culture – Film Division
The Rabinowitch Foundation
Arutz 8 - Noga Tikshoret
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